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  • Work process

    • 01 Consulting

      According to customer needs, the initial type selection and planning are finished.

    • 02 Planning

      The warehouse general planning is finished based on former requirement and on-site drawings.

    • 03 Surveying

      The engineer will arrive to the site for measurement.

    • 04 Designing

      The designing department pay attention to each detail of warehouse for precise designing. The designing will be handed over to the customer for final confirmation.

    • 05 Manufacturing

      The production department will deploy the most advanced equipment to make the customized logistics and storage equipment.

    • 06 Installation and Commissioning

      The installation department will install logistic equipment to the right positions before the commissioning, and hand over equipment to the customer.

    R&D capacity

    In order to keep the technical competence, there is a R&D team of more than 40 persons which specialized in R&D and designing of the optical, mechanical and electronic integration for logistics and storage equipment. Moreover, the municipal research center of the storage and logistic equipment is built by JINGXING, and there are also advanced scientific inspection equipment and imported data analyzing software.

    JINGXING has acquired more than one hundred patented technologies proprietary and more than tentrademarks. The company also leads and participates in the compiling work of several industrial and national standards of storage and logistics equipment. Moreover, a research experimental building has been built with covered area about 500m2. In there, the project-related R&D and trial production will be conducted for the new products, new technology testing and industrialization work by equipment such as trial testing platform (rack, stacker crane, conveyor and other basic facilities), ERP computerized management system, industrial engineering simulation software, FEA software and other data collecting & storage equipment.

    Production & manufacturing capacity

    From the material selection, rolling, welding to powder coating, JINGXING control each production process. And there are strict quality control system for every process. From equipment to management, we try our better than the best.

    There are manufacturing bases with total floor area of more than 150,000 m2 both in Songjiang Industrial Zone and Xinzhuang Industrial Zone in Shanghai. In 2015, JINGXING launched a new construction work of new manufacturing factory in Huzhou with over 210,000 m2 floor area, Zhejiang province.

    • German-imported automatic rolling mill

             JINGXING is the earlier enterprise to import Germany cold-forming lines for racking system.


             ●  Highly automatic line allows multi-facet continuous punching and continuous roll-forming, as well as intermittent punching;

             ●  The speed of roll-forming is 34m/min; 

             ●  Upright possesses 21 facets at most, largely strengthening the accuracy.

             ●  The accumulated tolerance of an entire upright is more than twice as high as that of those formed by domestic rolling mill. Take a 16m upright as an example, its accumulated tolerance is no more than ±1mm.

    • Automatic static powder coating equipment from GEMA Switzerland

            The static powder coating equipment introduced by JINGXING from GEMA Switzerland has better quality than those ones which are assembled with imported main parts.


             ●  GEMA powder coating equipment combines the process requirements together with surface demands of complexly-structured components, bringing about a much higher quality of coating for the complexly-structured components.

             ●  The rapid magic powder switch has higher efficiency. And the electrostatic adsorbed powder has better color uniformity and durability. 

             ●  The multi-step tasks can be proceeded automatically with coating components of more than 16m. The working condition is much more advanced than that of domestically produced powder coating lines.

    • ABB automatic beam-welding robot

          JINGXING is among the earlier companies to utilize the welding robot within logistic industry. The adopted robot is the more cutting-edge multi-position positioner tool in the industry.


             ●  According to the different demands of components, the welding track can be set freely in the program of the robot, and the robot will utilize automatic welding tracing.

             ●  All the finishing beams possess uniform welds and smooth surface.