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  • Work together, More Intelligence, More brilliance! Welcome to visit our booth on CeMAT ASIA 2017! (W2, E2)

    2017.10.25 文章來源:

    The annual leading industrial events in Asia-Pacific region, CeMAT ASIA will be startform October 31st to November 3rdat Shanghai New International Expo Centre. This year, JINGXING’s exhibition will be in the booth E2, W2 Hall. Welcome to visit our booth!


    JINGXING has been participating in a construction work of 210,000 m2 intelligent manufacturing factory in “China Logistics Valley”,Huzhou, Zhejiang province.

    By win-win cooperation, JINGXING always seeks innovation constantly and adopts advantages from others. Based on high-qualified rack with professional logistics planning capability, JINGXING introduced various advanced intelligent storage logistics equipment to boost the development of smart logistics.

    Work together, More Intelligence, More brilliance!

    High-precise rack, the basis of intelligent storage

      ●The 16m±1mm upright manufacturing precision can ensure the running stability of shuttles on high speed;

      ●High-speed shuttle is coordinated perfectly with special-shaped high-precise guide rails;

                     ●Various components manufactured by high-precise equipment such as laser cutting and NC machine can be fitted better together.


    Flash intelligent shuttle system, the fragmental order processing specialist

    There are more than 10 multi-level mini-load shuttle systems established by JINGXING and GALAXIS, such as BEIJING BENZ, JOMOO, MIDEA and BOE.

    The system has cross-level and cross-aisle functions when operating. All equipment has mutual backup with each other. Hence, it can achieve great flexibility and extension.

    It is suitable for the large fragmental order processing requirement.


    EAB shuttle + i-COW robot, intelligent conveying and convenient accessing

    ●Cooperating with EAB, JINGXING has established successfully more than 70 projects and provided over 300 shuttles to various customers including SINNOTRANS, NESTLE and LIBY.

    Having the multi-level structure, its reliable performance and high cost performance has gained recognition and praise from various customers.

    The exhibited combining system of unpiloted i-COW robot and EAB shuttle can convey ad access goods intelligently.


    Four-way shuttle robot system, a representative of intensive intelligent storage

    Working together with Suray, JINGXING has won the bidding of the bigger four-way shuttle robot system. The system includes over 30 pallet four-way robots.

    Four-way pallet shuttle system is a heavy type pallet conveying robot. It is a typical representative of intensive intelligent storage which combining real-time planning & navigation technology, automatic conveying, unmanned guidance and intelligent controlling together.


    So far, JINGXING has established over 150 intelligent warehouse projects by cooperation with partners. Work together, More Intelligence, More brilliance! Welcome to visit us!