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    • AS/RS system project

    AS/RS system project

    Formica (China)integrated AS/RS & VNA storage system project

    Formica (China) Trading Co. Ltd. is a foreign enterprise specialized in designing, R&D, production and selling of decorative materials. Its material and finished goods are high-valued with various items. Combined with the characteristics of high-frequency on a large scale, an integrated storage system solution of AS/RS and VNA is customized for Formica by JINGXING.

    Main technical features:

    ·A storage management system supporting the intelligent logistics;

    ·A OPC service equipment dispatching and controlling system based on  wireless communication technology;

    ·A stacking system of high-speed precise positioning by laser/barcode absolute addressing technology

    The integrated storage and monitoring management system uses a new intelligent scheduling algorithms with biomimicrytechniques (genetic algorithms, ACO, particle swarm optimization). It can uniformly manage and configure the storage and logistics operation process such as storage allocation, handling route planning,job queue optimizing, equipment dispatching. This integrated management system is stable and reliable which increase the warehouse efficiency greatly. The high quality of this project is appraised by the client and gained their trust.

    In addition, JINXING has also established various ASRS warehouse projects for other famous clients such as ROBAM, SENYUAN ELECTRIC, ZHENHUA HEAVY INDUSTRIES, and CHANGSHU CITY STANDARD PARTS FACTORY.