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    • Conveying and sorting project

    Conveying and sorting project

    LIANHUA Jiangqiao Project

    It is a system of disassembly, sorting and conveying customized for LIANHUA which including mezzanine storage system, Picking to Light system (PTL), conveying and sorting system and online weighing& checking system. It is also a typical automatic digital intelligent assembly and sorting system.

    Main technology:

             ·Digital picking system (Picking To Light)

             ·The integrated controlling technology ofconveying and sorting system

             ·The specification and technology of logistics information system frame designing

             ·Data collecting and information integrating technologies based on Fieldbus storage operation

             ·The integrated online weighing system technology with high precision

    This system can ensure the managing and operating quality of the distribution center by not only improving the overall disassembly efficiency, but also reducing the error rate.

    In recent years JINGXING has established various conveying and sorting system for many customer such as L&F, Uniqlo, Kerry Logistics, REXEL and Federal Mogul. The good quality of these project has gained customer’s recognition and praise.