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    • Customer case
    • Intensive storage project

    Intensive storage project

    A shuttle system project for a famous food & beverage company

    This project is a shuttle system established by JINGXING for a famous food & beverage company in Wuhan, Hubei province. Having more than 10,000goods positions, it is mainly used for storing box-type beverage with large batches and high inbound-and-outbound frequency. Considering the product features and inbound-and-outbound frequency, JINGXING worked out a scheme of intensive storage shuttle system based on the working condition.  This system has the characteristics ofgreat flexibility, large variety and good extensibility, which increase the efficiency greatly on space usage and goods circulation.

    In addition, there are more than 10 multi-level mini-load shuttle systems established by JINGXING and GALAXIS, such as BEIJING BENZ, JOMOO, MIDEA and BOE. Moreover, more than 70 projects and 300 shuttles are handed over successfully including SINNOTRANS, NESTLE and LIBY by JINGXING and EAB.Based on the solid foundation of these rich project experience, JINGXING has great competence on exploring the intensive storage market.

    An intensive storage project - an intelligent multi-level RGV system

    It is a special project funded by Shanghai Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone. JINGXING undertook and accomplished the project successfully with the customer’s acceptance. It is an intelligent intensive storage system with RGV and stacker crane, and various advanced technologies are used to fully utilize the warehouse space such as the multi-target dispatching system, the cargo distribution optimization, the logistics information interface and the fieldbus DNC system. This system can maximize the space usage efficiency and the management quality of goods. Meanwhile, it can reduce the labor intensity by scientific storage and controlment. In the certain spacing area, this system can save a lot of energy by improving the storage volume, saving unit storage cost and reducing related consumption.