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    • Rack supported warehouse(SILO) project

    Rack supported warehouse(SILO) project

    A rack-supported project for a Thailand large tire manufacturer

    It is a high-bay rack supported warehouse project established by JINGXING for a large tire manufacturer of Thailand in 2015. The warehouse is about 45m high with more than 50,000 goods positions and 8 aisles. Adopted the advanced rack-supported technology, this system is more intelligent and efficient on warehouse management and operation. Its main characteristics is using the rack itself as a supporting structure. And the roof structure and sidewall panels can be installed simultaneously. It can save a lot of time and cost on construction and maintain the overall anti-wind and anti-earthquake capability at the same time.

    A rack-supported project for a Indonesian large logistics center

    This project is a rack supported warehouse project establishedby JINGXING for an Indonesian large logistics center in 2014. It is located in the East Java area which having high humidity and frequent earthquake. The warehouse is 34.4m high with 22 aisles and 200,000 goods locations. All rack is galvanized steel rack with techniques of continuous Σ beam and double deep stacker crane. By overcoming the difficulties of height, climate and complexity, its successful accomplishment has achieved excellent cost performance, and brought obvious economic benefits for the client.

    In recent years JINGXING has established many rack-supported warehouse projects both at home and abroad for famous customers such as LACQUER CRAFT, YOUNGOR, NEXEN TIRE, SENTURY TIRE and BANAJA. The company has also won a number of industry first, and set an excellent example in the logistics equipment industry.