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    • Rack supported warehouse(SILO)

    Rack supported warehouse(SILO)

    Compared with free-standing warehouse, rack supported warehouse does not need the separate building structure, but using the rack as the supporting for the warehouse. The roof is combined with wall panels and rack together. This rack type saves lots of time of construction, because the roof and wall panels can be installed with rack at the same time. Moreover, there are better anti-seismic and anti-wind capacity than other rack types. The cost-saving and time-saving advantage will be greater than free-standing warehouse when the warehouse is higher. It is suitable for goods storage of large quantities and regular goods units.

    JINGXING has solid manufacturing strength and abundant installation experience on the rack supported warehouse. Combined the high-accurate rack with modular installation technology, there are various ASRS project built successfully by JINGXING, such as the projects in Indonesia, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. The company can provide economical and high-qualified product with excellent service.