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    • AS/RS system rack

    AS/RS system rack

    The automatic storage and retrieval system (AS/RS system) includes beam type, bracket type and shuttle type, it is the basis of automatic goods storage. The goods carriers can be pallets (steel or plastics) or cartons. AS/RS system needs higher requirement for the core parameters such as manufacturing accuracy and whole rigidity. It is suitable for goods storage of large quantity, multi-species, full box or pallets.

    Strength of products

    ·Higher space efficiency which is 2 to 5 times of normal rack;

    ·Higher space utilization with lower storage error;

    ·Lessen the work intensity with cost saving

    As for the AS/RS warehouse, the rack should be manufactured and installed with higher accuracy, and there are also strict requirement for the equipment quality and manufacturing process. JINGXING imported Germany cold-forming line with continuous punching and roll-forming capability. Based on FEA analysis and 30 years’experience of rack warehouse project, the company can try its best to build AS/RS system with incomparable competency. Since its establishment, there are more than 15,000 AS/RS warehouse home and abroad built by JINGXING.