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  • Join JINXING

    With the headquarter in Shanghai, JINGXING is founded in 1989. It has been one of the bigger high-tech private enterprise specializing in designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of storage & logistics equipment such as rack and AS/RS racking systems. JINGXING’s products has been exported to different regions such as Asia, Europe and America. The company will try its best to provide one-stop total solution of storage and logistics equipment for universal customers.

    JINGXING always insists on the “DAY AFTER DAY, WE TRY OUR BETTER THAN THE BEST” spirit, and try our best to provide storage and logistics equipment and automatic logistics management system  with higher quality and added value. JINGXING will provide an excellent career develop platform for ambitious youth.

    After joining JINGING, there will be great chances of self-exercise and self-improvement. The company will also provide wider career development space for new recruits by attractive remuneration package. Welcome to join JINGXING for better future together.

    • A great chances of self-exercise and self-improvement;
    • An attractive and competitive remuneration package;
    • Many career development opportunities。
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